Picture Books to Love

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Have you ever read a picture book by Deborah Hopkinson?

I’m telling ya, go to Amazon.com with $20 in hand and you won’t know where to begin.

Hopkinson writes perfect little stories that are based on a moment in history, but explode into a whole universe of dialect, imagery, and good plot.

She always chooses a different artist, so all of the books are unique and enriching.

My favorite? Apples to Oregon: Being the (Slightly) True Narrative of How a Brave Pioneer Father Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Grapes and Cherries (and Children) Across the Plains.  I throw on a nice thick accent and dive right into the adventure of hauling plants across the country.

Viv’s favorite? Fannie in the Kitchen: the Whole Story From Soup to Nuts of How Fannie Farmer Invented Recipes with Precise Measurements.

I can’t answer for the whole collection, but we’ve read a handful so far and don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Join us!