Pray for Relevant ’11

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It’s here! It’s here! October is finally here!

I’ve been looking forward to October for a long time because it’s the month of The Relevant ’11 Conference! If you went last year, you remember how incredible it is to meet with so many wonderful bloggers and glean from outstanding speakers. This year looks just as promising. I’m praying that God is glorified throughout the event and that each attending blogger is encouraged and equipped to bring light into cyberspace. What a powerful opportunity!

So, this month, I’ll be wearing my Vintage Pearl Relevant necklace to remember to pray continually for the conference. I’ll pray for Sarah Mae, Jessica, and Dana as they execute all of the behind-the-scenes plans. I’ll pray for the speakers (including myself!) who will be addressing topics of all shapes and sizes. I’ll pray for the attendees who are coming for instruction, vision, and friendship.

Will you pray, too?

If you attended last year’s conference, you probably still have your Relevant necklace. Slip it on and remember this incredible event when you talk to God. Thanks, friend.