Pre-K: Work worth doing

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Thank God we know our own kids well.

And when it comes to forecasting their academic endeavors, I think we parents have a pretty good corner on the market. This is a gift from God to homeschoolers; we can prepare our children for fruitful tomorrows by strengthening them today.

Heading into the big Kindergarten year, I knew that my eldest was a delicate balance of perfectionist, academic philosopher, and inventor.

I knew she could work hard and would do anything necessary to please me.

I also knew that she would not do something if she knew she could not do it well.

I knew my husband and I wanted her to soar; to grow in character and work ethic; to take some risks, but to feel safe and competent at the same time.

So, several months before I knew Vivienne was going to begin Kindergarten-level work, I’m glad I…

* encouraged her to gain motor-control over her pencil. She devoured the KUMON mazes and didn’t even realize she was strengthening her writing skills as she bumped and squiggled along.

* read to her as much as possible; “easy” stuff as well as advanced literature (Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.)

* knew for sure she was confident with the alphabet and beginning sounds (thanks, Leap Frog Letter Factory!)

* worked through 75% of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (though I selected a more phonically-focused program to teach Kindergarten reading, this resource established a fantastic sound-it-out groundwork for Vivienne to build upon)

* demonstrated and built mathematical concepts through everyday living and waited until Vivienne was confident in writing letters before I introduced writing numerals; once writing was easier for her, I knew she could handle some written math without angst.