Preschool Update

Several people have asked if Vivienne and I are still working on 100 Lessons and Learning at Home.

The short answer is: No.

At Christmas time, I put an official pause on both books since I figured we’d be learning plenty through the holidays and the baby’s arrival. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with the lessons with all the goings-on. Besides, when I asked Vivienne why she suddenly wasn’t enthusiastically asking about letter sounds and word structure (“Have I discouraged you, honey?”) she knowingly answered, “Let’s wait until I’m three, Mom.” Right-ho. How could I have forgotten that you’re only two?! I figure we’ll start back up in the fall when she’s the ripe old age of three.

So, instead of being drilled for hours at the kitchen table (just kidding: she was not drilled for hours), Viv’s been getting crash-courses in “Entertaining Oneself” and “Baby Care 101”. I’m liking the “curriculum”; the way I see it, these are two very valuable skills to acquire!

I’ve been thumbing through Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready for weekly suggestions for enjoying and encouraging Lia’s development. Viv loves the ideas and jumps right in. Sometimes we have to make things to dangle in front of Lia (like an aluminum-foil purse or a stuffed sock-ball) or we have to observe Lia’s responses (to a voice, a rattle, or the chaotic bobbing light from Vivienne’s enthusiastic flashlight). It’s a fun way for Viv to play safely with Lia while learning how to serve and teach her at the same time. It’s also fun for me to watch Lia develop an adoring love for Vivienne; she arches her back to follow Viv’s voice across the room. As her eyes adjust from Viv’s energetic stimulation, she must be thinking, “I don’t know what she was trying to do with that flashlight, but she is sooo cool!”







3 responses to “Preschool Update”

  1. grandmom ruthie Avatar
    grandmom ruthie

    Thanks for a good laugh at the start of my day!
    You are a funny one!

  2. Sarah Hoover Avatar
    Sarah Hoover

    Have you heard of Charlotte Mason? I really like her method of schooling…it’s very nature and exploratory focused. Also, a lot of reading, which I know you love as much as I do! We are officially starting homeschooling in September when Ella turns three, but it won’t be real formal, just laid back. We did get the book you recommended by Ann Ward and that will be our guide along with the Charlotte Mason philosophy – thanks! I so hope that Viv and Ella can meet soon!!!

  3. admin Avatar

    Yes! I LOOOOVE Charlotte! And I’m thrilled to hear that you’ll be starting homeschooling. How wonderful! 🙂
    If you haven’t already, get your hands on Karen Andreola’s “A Charlotte Mason Companion”. It’s super helpful. What fun! We’ll have to compare notes.

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