P.S. About that Scripture Memorizing…

Hopefully you were able to hear Ryan and Vivienne recite some of the Scripture that they’ve memorized together. I thought I’d add that their nightly tradition blossomed when I backed off so Ryan could develop something that would work well for him. We had talked for several years about various ways to do the traditional “family devotional” thing; Ryan wasn’t nuts about it because it felt contrived or was hard to remember. When I finally stopped asking about it, offering enthusiastic ideas, etc., Ryan was able to figure out something that really worked for him; something that was authentic, natural, and long-lasting.

Sometimes it’s just the right season to let men go. You never know: you might find yourself scrambling for the video camera to record something that happened without your help.







One response to “P.S. About that Scripture Memorizing…”

  1. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    yeah.. I so know this will be true with mark as well. I will just “pray and watch” instead of “say and stop”

    very much a lesson i learned from “for women only”

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