Pumpkin Sense

To wrap up a week of The Five Senses, we dug into our pumpkin and used our five senses to compare the outside and the inside. Okay, okay, so I had to bribe Vivienne to taste the raw inside, but she did it!

Oh, and HA! when she was feeling the outside of the pumpkin with her eyes closed, I asked her if “touch” told her what color the pumpkin was. Like a fortune-teller leaning over a crystal ball, she closed her eyes, thumped her fingers across the pumpkin and moaned, “ORRRANNNNGE…”

A new form of therapy: pumpkin seed washing! Vivienne could have done this all day long, I think.

After I snapped this photo of Vivienne enthusiastically putting her germs all over our roasted pumpkin seeds, we filled in the “taste” category. The consensus was “perfect!”

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