Q: “Do You Think It’s the End of the World?”

A: The truth is, that sure, since there’s always someone, somewhere saying that the end of the world is upon us, I’ve been considering what the “end times” may mean specifically for our family. At the same time, though, I’ve also been simply acknowledging the chances of natural disasters and plain ole’ accidents.

Any of these prospects can easily frighten me. In fact, I’m often inspired to hide my head in a hole. But then, I pray about my fears. God gives me the peace of mind to trust Him with the things I cannot control, while pointing out the things that I can do to take good care of our family. For example, the day after I prayed about some of my worries, a list of practical emergency items appeared in a magazine. A few days after that, our real estate agent sent us a flier describing the properly stocked medicine cabinet. Can ya blame me for getting down to business, organizing our storage room, taking a second look at our medicine cabinet, and passing the Storage Room and Medicine Cabinet lists onto my fabulous blog readers?!

P.S. I like to remind myself that “the end of the world” belongs to God. Every day will continue to reveal His glory. If all of the “end timers” are right, we might very well be meeting God face-t0-face someday soon. (Even if they’re wrong, we’ll be meeting him face-to-face someday soon.) So, while a Tupperware container stocked with water bottles and dust masks is of some preventative worth, knowing Jesus is the more valuable preparation.

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