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Running from the hallway (where she was playing with Lia) into the kitchen, Vivienne yelped,

“Mom! Come quick! I have to show you something… ON THE WALLS!”

If I had a sillier sense of humor, I would’ve thought to take a picture of the black chocolate-scented marker ink that Lia whimsically doodled all over the wall, door, door frames, and – oops – a bit over her top lip, too. Instead, I went right into the “Well then Lia, let’s clean this up” approach and was quite relieved when it washed off so easily that Lia’s timid 1-year-old “scrubbing” did the job. A sigh, three cheers for Crayola washables, and another check-mark on my “I’m Officially a Mom!” list. (I must admit, it did smell good.)