Repurposing Plants

Believe it or not, the flowers that Ryan sent to me the week I was visiting my parents were so lovely and thoughtful that they actually changed my mind about carnations (an impressive fete since I’ve been strongly opposed to them ever since I couldn’t make my bangs look like one back in the 80’s). As much as I loved the arrangement, after a week and a half, the stems got a little gooky and the daisies began to droop. I was about to toss them when I realized that we could turn the blooms into an art project…

A Photo Tutorial, if you will






3 responses to “Repurposing Plants”

  1. grandmomruthie Avatar

    wow! Clever, Laura! Beautiful work, Viv!

  2. Tara Avatar

    hey we just did leaf printing on t- shirts today at the boys pre-school co-op and they turned out great!! you should give that a try!! they flower painting is a really good Idea too!! we should get the kids together again soon to play outside before it starts to get to cold!! talk to you soon!!

  3. admin Avatar

    Hi, Tara! Thanks for the fabulous idea! Yes! Let’s please get the kids together soon! We’re planning on being around until the end of the month, so give us a call when you are heading into town. 🙂

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