Restoring Relationships That Covid Complicated

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Relationships were difficult BEFORE a worldwide pandemic threw a giant wrench in them. If you’re like me, you’re just beginning to clear your head and get your feet back on the ground after a year of complicated relationships. (The unknowns! The sickness! The logistics! The distance! The emotions! The politics! Oi.) May God give us big hearts and open arms as we meet again with our families and friends. And as we show up in person for work, community events, and church services.

This season of The Deep Well with Erin Davis airs at just the right moment to give us a restored vision for all of our relationships. You can now listen in on eight podcast episodes based on Erin’s book Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together. Each episode is packed with insight about the purpose of relationships and God’s enabling grace to love people well.

AND… fun fact: I am Erin’s co-host!

You’ll hear me introducing Erin and then asking some questions after each teaching session. Our ten-minute conversation at the end of every episode is called “Erin unscripted” because it is. Erin doesn’t know any of my questions ahead of time. She just has to answer off the cuff! And yet, she delivers a dose or perspective and wisdom every time. I learned so much. I think you will, too.

Just click on the image below to connect with the entire season of The Deep Well with Erin Davis.

Here I am with my friends Erin Davis, Dannah, and Chizzy!