Revved up About Project Life

Lately, I have felt the wind leave my sails regarding many topics and responsibilities. (It’s amazing how vigorously our hearts rearrange and re-prioritize when we are making room for a baby!) I’ve stepped down from certain memberships, stopped attending certain meetings, and have cut back on field trips and other obligations. I’ve even cut back on blog posts! I know that this process of simplification and focus is important, and I relish the full sails of motherhood, but I also have moments of feeling lonesome for a little artistic endeavor of some sort.

So, you can imagine how good it feels to have a gust of enthusiasm about photography and scrapbooking of all things.

I just stumbled upon Project Life… it’s a simple way to chronicle photographs throughout the year – in a ready-made scrapbook album. It includes everything I love about scrapbooking (the recording of memories, the photos, and the story-telling) without everything I despise about scrapbooking (the time-commitment, and the messy table full of scraps). I love the clean, efficient way in which Project Life helps us store our photos. I’m even a little excited about trying on the Photo of the Day (POTD) for size.  Project Life albums have seven photo slots per page, and provide materials for all 52 weeks . Could I do it?? (By the way, I’m not receiving a promotion or any form of payment to write this post, I just wanted to share my good find with you.)

If I happen to get one of the albums for my upcoming birthday, I’ll be sure to let you know what I really think about it. And, hopefully, you’ll be the first to glimpse some of my POTD successes! (BY THE WAY, you do happen to enjoy the Picture of the Day series, 52Home , on the girl talk blog, don’t you?)

(Do you use Project Life or something similar to record your photographs and journal? Please do tell what and how it works for you!)








3 responses to “Revved up About Project Life”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    This looks like a great product!! I love scrapbooking but haven’t done it in years! I would love to pick something up that is simpler and this looks great! I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Wranglermama Avatar

    That looks really neat! I like the idea of having a slot for a photo from each day.
    The last few years I’ve just gone to doing digital scrapbooks every several months. No mess! But this looks like fun too. I might have to try making my own POTD book for a year.

  3. Darlene Avatar

    I hadn’t stopped by in a while. Just was thinking of you and wanted to say Hello!!! God’s blessings to you, friend!
    – {darlene}

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