RSVP: Sock Holes

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Okay, so I need your advice.

In October, I splurged on 6 pairs of knee-highs from Kohls. Two packs of three. You know the pack: one solid, one argyle, one floral.

They are super duper cute and looked great with skirts. I felt like a school girl again. These socks are enough steps away from “sexy” that I still felt modest, but close enough to “stylish” that I felt rockin’ in them and Ryan thought I was adorable. Bonus. Because I bought so many pairs, I resigned myself to becoming “the girl in the knee-high socks” and grew quite fond of them. Well, I must have loved the stuffing out of them because suddenly, they all have holes in the toes!

My natural non-seamstress reaction is to throw them away, or at least toss them into the rag bag.

HOWEVER, they are, as I said, super cute; they’re perfectly healthy otherwise; and they’re at least $15 to replace.

I found some tips for fixing holes on ehow, but they lost me when they started out, “Carefully insert a lightbulb…” (a LIGHTBULB?!) and then – yikes! – the bit about a DARNING needle… (I’ve always thought “darning needle” sounds a little fierce and dangerous. What is a darning needle anyway?!). Let’s just say, I’m intimidated.

So, inspired crafty thrifty friends, please talk me into:

1. Fixing these socks and acquiring a new – albeit extinct and frightening – skill

2. Tossing the socks and forking out $15 for two new packs.

What do you have for me?