Ryan Runs!

Next stop: Ryan rocked the Philadelphia Half Marathon one week with a personal best time, only to turn around and rock the Tussey MOUnTAiN BACK 50 mile relay two weeks later with a super-strong team of runners. Go, Ryan, Go!

Ryan Hall, one of the best runners of all time, won the Philadelphia Distance Run. It was super-fun for the girls and me to see him run. One lady said, “It looks like he’s riding a bicycle.” And, besides, we got one moment of what-I’m-calling fame: if you watch this live webcast replay, you’ll see me (bright pink sweater) with the girls on the right-hand side of your screen in the very beginning of the race. Then, speed ahead to the end and watch him peel out that last mile. Incredible! Vivienne was so excited that “our Ryan?!” won the race, until I explained that it was a different Ryan. Close, though, because “our Ryan” wasn’t too far behind! And we were even more proud of him.

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