Meet Sally Clarkson Tonight!

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My notebook is packed with excerpts from Sally Clarkson’s books on mothering and homeschooling.

She has become one of the most influential voices in my aspirations in womanhood and motherhood. If you’ve ever read one of her books, you know what I mean. Her writing is full of Scripture, encouragement, inspiration, and grace. She establishes an example of gentle motherhood that is vigorous, transparent, and reliant on God’s grace. When I read Sally’s books, I get the feeling, “I could do that!” instead of, “I should do that” or “I’ll never be able to do all that.”

Her blog, I Take Joy, is one of the few that I read on a regular basis, jotting down her recipes and being stirred up by her love for the Lord.

I met her in person at the Relevant 10 conference, where she was a key note speaker. All of us sat in her sessions with tears streaming down our faces and pens jotting down everything she said. She is gracious, classy, and very very real, and yet the quality I love most is that she focuses my heart away from myself and onto God.

I highly recommend that you read her books, including Educating the WholeHearted Child, The Mission of Motherhood, and The Ministry of Motherhood.

I also highly recommend Sally’s MomHeart conferences. If I lived out West, I’d be there in a snap! If you are able, please, oh please, go for the both of us! You will be so full of inspiration and encouragement in your calling as a mother.

Actually, you can get to know Sally Clarkson a little bit better TONIGHT.

Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae are hosting a Twitter chat TONIGHT (Tuesday, Jan. 18th) from 9-10pm EST where we can ask Sally questions and engage with her. She’ll be talking about her upcoming MomHeart conferences, and giving out prizes, including a full conference pass!


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Date: Tuesday, January 18th

Time: 9-10pm EST

Where: Twitter

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