Satuday’s ‘ssignment


My friend, Jan, tagged me to fill out this Thanksgiving list. She chose all of the best answers, but I’ll do my best…

1. List 10 things you are thankful for that money can buy

* college-level lectures by outstanding people

* books that make me think hard and underline things

* almost-too-hot showers

* Vivienne’s striped and polka-dot tights

* chocolate (especially Lindt Lindor truffles: extra dark chocolate)

* our piano

* Scripture (get your own copy at WalMart for $6; the best deal in the universe!)

* little wooden treasure boxes (and the treasures that go inside)

* Eating Well magazine

* candlelight and lanterns


2. List 10 things you are thankful for that money can’t buy

* anything from Anthropologie (not my money, anyway… I use the store solely as inspiration…)

* walking, running, and (some forms of) working outside

* Ryan’s strong hugs

* Vivienne’s bird kisses for the baby

* truly wonderful family members all the way around

* good conversations that feel like “yes! yes! That’s what I think, too, and here’s what else I thought about that…”

* the reliability of people’s scents (especially Ryan’s delicious “home from work” smell… I can’t describe it, it’s just gooood.)

* beautiful words strung together into beautiful thoughts

* Redemption

* a joyful home from our good-morning songs ’til our good-night kisses


3. List 10 things that you are thankful you don’t have

* a boss who isn’t my husband, too (there are just too many perks)

* anything that barks, squawks, sheds, poops in the grass, uses a litter box, sleeps in wood-chips, dies by floating belly-up, or slithers.

* a port-o-potty

* a house too large for me to clean in a jiffy

* an allergy to books and/or chocolate

* a presidential nomination

* cable TV

* a selfish and/or dead god

* long, long fingernails

* …to think of 20 things for this list without stealing Jan’s answers



So, if you read this, you are officially TAGGED! If you don’t have a blog, feel free to post your lists in a comment here. I’d love to know what you’re thanking about this November…






3 responses to “Satuday’s ‘ssignment”

  1. Noelle Avatar


    10 things I am thankful for that money can buy:
    1. Books, books and more books.
    2. Cell phones (although I’m not a phone person, they are so convenient.).
    3. CPR and nurse training.
    4. Roses… ahh. (Let my future husband know that one when I meet him!).
    5. Sports equiptment, especially soccer balls, cleats, raquets, frisbees, volley balls, and the list goes on!
    6. Notebooks, pens, pencils… so much potential in these!
    7. Lunch with a friend.
    8. Airplane tickets.
    9. Bicycles (gas free, woo hoo!).
    10. Food (especially lasagna and cookies!).

    10 things I’m thankful for that money cannot buy:
    1. Jesus.
    2. Words of affirmation and encouragement.
    3. Friends and family of course!
    4. My brain.
    5. Smiles, from and too complete strangers.
    6. Opportunities to help people.
    7. The sound of drums.
    8. Art and music and dance (just so long as it’s not ugly modern art!).
    9. Conversations that make me think.
    10. Adventure.
    Sorry, couldn’t help but add one more: 11. Personalities and people watching.

    I think I’ll skip the third category, I got stuck after number one. Besides, I know we can have joy in any circumstance.

  2. Jan Avatar

    Laura – you always make me laugh (port o potty!!!) and I totally hear you talking in my head and emphasizing certain words when I read your blog.

    Hi Noelle! I really liked reading your responses too. Good stuff!

  3. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    I am thankful for WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING!

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