Savin’ Money!

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3 Fun Savin’ Money Things for Today:

1. This fantastic list of 100 Things You Can Make Yourself.

2. My shopping receipt! Can I just share with you that I saved $112 on my shopping trip tonight, securing over $180 of wonderful we’d-buy-it-anyway food and baby goods for $68! One of my best finds was BOGO Bear Naked Granola + a pile of $1/1 coupons that I just recently clipped from the free GIANT “healthy ideas” publication (found in the produce department).

Besides that, I’ve just gotta gush about, These folks have given me much good advice and have helped me save wallets of money.

3. This $1.50 coupon for Sabra Hummus, which – as I learned from my hummus-loving sister – is THE best hummus around. The Pine Nut Hummus? Incredible. No carrot necessary. Just a big ole’ spoon. You don’t believe me. Well then, you’re just gonna have to print out this coupon and tote it around with you for a month until Sabra Hummus goes on sale at your local grocery store. One dip and you’ll be hooked, too.