School Days!

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All over the world, enthusiastic mothers are blogging about their first days of school. And I want in on all of the fun!! (My SIL asked if I’ll be teaching Vivienne at home this year. I said, “Well, I really can’t help myself! After all, I was reading Time magazine to her when she was still in the incubator…”)

So, happy school days! Here are five things we’re doing at home this year…

1. Diggin’ into our September Center Piece!

2. Learning to read by diving back into Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. (Remember when I totally jumped the gun and Vivienne kindly asked me to wait until she was 3? Well, I learned my lesson and waited until she asked me to teach her to read several times. We’re going strong on Lesson 24! Tonight she read the scintillating story, “This is a seed. See a ram eat it.”)

3. Adding a little spice to the reading lessons by enjoying the BOB books.

(So far, Mat and Sam sit. A lot.)

4. Observing a different Monet painting each month and making a replica out of various media or, ahem, water-coloring Dora and Boots.

5. Setting the table each night. I placed the silverware and napkins in Vivienne’s cabinet so that she can count out and place each setting.