School Room (aka: “No, concerned readers, Lia will not be sent down to the basement alone to swallow marbles and other small items while Vivienne does her schoolwork upstairs.”)

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This is where Vivienne will work on her Phonics Museum and math while Lia plays with Tot trays on the other side of the room. Our small couch divides the two spaces so that (ideally) neither girl will be distracted by the other. Next week, I might post more photos of the schoolroom since I’m waiting to decorate the walls so that they are brand “new” for the first day of school.

…’just a turn of my head to peak over the couch at Lia…

Lia’s Tot trays

I have a feeling that I’ll be scurrying back and forth between the two girls quite a bit, but that’s the beauty of a tiny house: I can traverse those 5 feet at least 20 times before I’m worn out!