School Room #269

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I was a week late with my curriculum posts, but I’m just in time for the School Room week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop!

In truth, I’m counting on the whole farm being a sufficient school room, but here are some snapshots of our indoor workspace. It’s so sunny! You would love it! I am grateful to have this little slice of a school room in our new home.

Here’s looking to the right:

To the left: (Even I am jealous of our bookshelves! They really are a dream-come-true.)

Here’s a little corner of the world in which to enjoy audio books. A hot spot for Viv.

And, here is a corner of the world for outdoor specimen.

(NOT in the house. Decidedly not.

Though, come to think of it, we do find plenty of specimen in the house and move them delicately out.

Or, of course, we suck them up with the vacuum cleaner.)

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