Silence is Golden

AH-HA! I figured out how to evoke instant silence in a toddler!

Not by saying, “Shhh…” or “Be quiet!” or “Stop talking!”

The secret is to say, “Listen!”

The child’s natural response is to stop prattling and, well, LISTEN, which is a refreshingly quiet activity. Works like a charm when I have to sneak a spunky Lia down the hallway when Vivienne is still sleeping.







3 responses to “Silence is Golden”

  1. stacey robinette Avatar
    stacey robinette

    Such an awesome idea…..I needed this today. My 4 1/2 year old is always waking my 1 year old up. Can’t wait to use this on her tomorrow:-)

  2. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    ohhhhhh!!! This is even good for me and my relationship with the Lord!

  3. Brooke Avatar

    gonna use that one!

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