Already, these two have their similarities and their differences. Everyone told us that we would be shocked at the way in which God creates such unique little ones from the same two parents… And from the tips of the their noses (Vivi’s is warm; Lia’s is cold) to the tips of their toes, from the color of their skin to the color of their personalities, from Viv’s eager and exciting arrival to Lia’s calm and timely arrival, these girls are fearfully and wonderfully made. Here are a couple of cute distinctions I’ve noticed already in week 1…


Our warm-blooded Vivienne spent her first week sun-bathing under UV lights. She’s never kept a pair of socks on since.


Chilly from the first moments of her life, little Lia has spent her first week all snuggled up: undershirt, jammies, blankets, hats…


When Vivi snuggles up, she crosses her feet at the ankles (notice: no socks!)

Since Lia’s feet have been burried under warm covers all week, I don’t have a photo to show you that, despite the same gene pool, Lia crosses her legs at mid-shin somehow. (Maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to snap a photo this summer when our house is basking in the warmth of being air-conditioner-free.)

Then, of course, I look at other photos and see the family resemblance. Then I get that White Christmas song, “Sisters” stuck in my head…:













4 responses to “Sisters…”

  1. Aunt Em Avatar
    Aunt Em

    wait- are the last two pictures of the two girls or are they both just Lia? If it is a comparison between V and Lia, that is amazing! They look so much alike! I can hardly wait to meet Lia!!!!!

  2. Jan Avatar

    Laura – you are a pro at getting two kids to look at the camera already! Wow are those girls CUTE!!! Let me know when you bring Lia to her grandparents for a visit – I want to meet her too!!!

  3. erin marie Avatar
    erin marie

    !!!!! just wanted to remind you… you need to add Lia to your ” The traveler’s” page!

  4. admin Avatar

    Thanks, Erin! What would I do without you? Lia is officially added to the Traveler’s Page! (Though I canNOT figure out why it’s still spaced so funkily…My computer man will come to the rescue.)

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