After a night of one-and-only-one hour increments of sleep (Vivienne was sick and Lia was conveniently going through the growth spurt of a lifetime), I came upon the thought that perhaps it’s night like these that really make us more like God (thinking of that verse about Him never slumbering or sleeping). In which case, I’m happy to endure. However, I also came upon the thought that this type of sleep/ wake/ sleep / wake pattern is used as a torture device in far-off countries.  In which case, I totally give in! What do you want to know?!






One response to “Slumbering”

  1. sarah anastasi Avatar
    sarah anastasi

    I’m SO sorry Laura : ( We’ve had a sick week around here too and made me wonder how in the world I would ever be able to cope with more children, when all were sick??? However, as you said, I’ve found my attitude comes around if I remember it’s only a couple short nights in history and an awesome opportunity to cover my little ones in prayer. Granted as I lay underneath my covers in slumber this doesn’t make me jump out of bed, but once out it is the necessary paradigm shift that shapes my sleepless night. Much prayer is also often the antidote to my sleepless children as well! We will be praying for your sleep tonight : )

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