“So Love the World” Giveaway


We live in a community of people with light pink skin.

At the grocery store, at the library, and in the fields, folks around here wear jeans and sneakers.

They usually go to school until they’re 18 and then get a bill-paying job or go to college.

‘Friendly folks; creative; loving. Hunting, farming, casserole-making folks.

God has chosen for us to be in this community and we’ll relish our friendships here.

But, this is just a little sliver of the great wide world that He loves, and that we want to love, too.

We won’t be traveling around the world this year; in fact, Williamsburg, VA is about the farthest we’ll trek in 2011.

So, how will we keep the many people around the world in our hearts and prayers? How will we give them a voice in our budget and our ministry?

Well, for starters: books!

These past few weeks, the girls have been enthralled by two gorgeous books from New Leaf Press.

Passport to the World: Your A to Z Guided Language Tour

With a heart to reach every language group with the good news about Jesus Christ, Passport includes bright photos, interesting facts, and some common words for each language group. For instance, one of our favorite countries is India. The girls can learn to say “Hello” as “Namaskar” and “Thank you” as “Dhanyabahd” (dun ya bawd).   Of course, the girls also love the realistic passport and stickers for each country!

The Children’s Illustrated Bible

I asked Vivienne what she thinks about this book. Without blinking an eye, she said, “LOVE IT.”

The photos and stories are brilliant. She couldn’t peel herself away from the story about Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt. A photo in the margin shows the salt pillars in the Dead Sea, so that a little girl living across the Atlantic Ocean could understand what this might have really looked like. “I can hardly believe that this really happened to her!” Vivienne gasped.   The book covers Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, including amazing photos and illustrations that really broaden our understanding of Bible times and Eastern cultures.

Both of these books would be stunning and meaningful Christmas gifts. New Leaf Press is offering both of these gorgeous hardback books in a Christmas Promotion for $32.97!

Wanna know some even better news??

They are also giving this package away to one of YOU!

I would love for you to win this package from New Leaf Press.

Share the news about this give-away!

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Leave a comment for each entry you’ve earned!

This contest ends on Friday, December 10, at 6 a.m.

Ooo, and be sure to come back to 10 Million Miles this week; I’ll be sharing our ideas for opening a child’s heart to the world God loves. (And I want to know yours!)

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