Sorrow into Healing

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(You’re going to think this is a strange thing to get all sentimental about, but it was meaningful to me as I continue to weave through the mourning process…)

The other day, Vivienne lost her earring-back in grandmom and grandpop’s car.

She told me later that she had been so upset about it that she was crying and crying. She was concerned about her ears closing up; about germs getting in and causing infection.

Grandpop pulled over to the side of the road. Grandmom searched the seats.

Vivi told me that once she replaced the earring and its back, she remembered that salt-water has a purifying effect, so she took one tear and rubbed it under her right earring; she took another tear and rubbed it under her left earring.

I told her that she was turning sorrow into healing, and she smiled at me, knowing just what I meant.