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“Laura exceeded my expectations.  A woman who loves the Lord and knows scripture is a powerful tool and rare!  She spoke to me in a lot areas of my life.” 
– attendee at Living Hope Church women’s retreat.

Contact: If you would like Laura to speak at an upcoming event or to write an article, feel free to contact her: laura(at)laurabooz(dot)com.

Who is she? Laura lives with her husband Ryan, and children in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where they are beginning a small-scale farm. She has enjoyed speaking all over the country for ministries such as Pure Freedom, Marriage Savers, MOPS, AGLOW, and The Allume Conference. Laura received some of her training through the Certificate in Women’s Counseling program from CCEF (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) and Westminster Theological Seminary. She also participated in a TruthXChange conference with author and speaker Peter Jones.

For five years, Laura wrote almost-daily posts for her personal blog, 10 Million Miles.  She wrote and published the eBook Blogger Behave, and has written many guest posts and articles for blogs and ministries such as Covenant Eyes, SarahMae.comand Sister’s in Bloom.

Though building her home is her first priority, Laura cherishes a few opportunities each year to speak or write publicly about God and His Word.

Laura and her family are members of a local PCA church, where they are involved in the music, men’s, and women’s ministries. Laura enjoys spending time with her husband, homeschooling her children, reading, writing, running, and leading a local women’s Bible study.

As a teacher, Laura’s greatest aim is to offer solid biblical teaching, unforgettable stories, and life-changing application, so that every Christian woman may walk in the light of God’s Word. 

What does she write and speak about?

Every Christian Woman: Did you know that the Beatitudes are meant to be a descriptive of every Christian woman? Together, we’ll explore the vision, mission, and legacy that Jesus offers to all of His followers. As we study each beatitude, Jesus will win our hearts with His perfect obedience, transform our lives, and make us truly happy.

The Affection of Our Hearts : Despite the limitless topics of Bible studies, the theme of our existence always comes back to love, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I often need to be reminded of love’s significance in my own life. Be encouraged to love God more intimately, love His word more passionately, and love others more practically.

A Fruitful Marriage: Marriage is so beautiful – perhaps the most beautiful thing on earth. As two complementary humans vow to faithfully help and cherish one another, God promises to give the grace and courage to fulfill those vows. Be encouraged to lay your life down for your husband, to enjoy your husband’s friendship, and to become his loving wife… for life.

A Fulfilling Motherhood: How do we best love the precious blessings that God has given us? How do we train them and guide them so that they will love Him, obey His Word, and walk humbly with Him? Be encouraged and equipped with practical ways to build your home and establish truth for your children.

Receiving Redemption: It doesn’t take long before each of us experiences some “hard knocks” in life: some are momentary traumas, others are life-long heartaches. We must set our eyes on Jesus, who sees and overcomes our darkest valleys for us. Whether we  are mourning someone’s death, recovering from abuse, finding our footing after a divorce, or healing from years of rebellion, God’s Word instructs us on how we should live in the process of redemption. Be encouraged to forgive and receive forgiveness, to love and receive love, as well as to be reconciled to God and become a minister of reconciliation.

What have others said about Laura’s work?

“She was a wonderful orator, very vibrant, challenging and encouraging.  I took a lot of notes that will certainly guide my prayer life and walk with the Lord.”

“Laura was genuine and easy to listen to.  I felt she was filled with the Holy Spirit.”

“She did an awesome job!  I loved her fire and love for the Word.  I am praying for that same desire and hunger for God’s word.”

“Laura was an excellent speaker.  She was relevant and truly has a heart for God.  I felt God shine through her.  She was truly a blessing to our group.”