Special Edition: Friday Favorites on a Monday

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1.  Steel Cut Oats: warm, nutty, nutritious… what more could you ask for in the morning?


2. A GIANT deal: Going to buy an iTunes gift card for someone anyway?  Purchase a $25 iTunes card at Giant and receive a coupon for $5.00 off your next shopping trip.  (Then you can get your Steel Cut Oats for free!)


3. The Return of the Daughters: Ryan and I finally had the opportunity to watch this newly released documentary about 20-something women who are staying/returning home to help their families and be protected and discipled by their fathers.  It’s fabulously thought-provoking.  The most valuable thoughts for us were tucked in the “Extras” so be sure to watch all of the material available.  Totally worth the money, time, and squirming.