Bring the Gospel and STD Testing to Penn State

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Did you go to PSU? ‘Know someone who did?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the local Christian Pregnancy Resource Clinic could offer STD testing and reach out to hundreds of PSU students every year?

One of our favorite ministries in town is A Woman’s Concern Pregnancy Resource Clinic. Ryan and I have been involved at AWC for years now, and we love the way it reaches out to women (and men) when they are faced with unplanned pregnancies. We love the parents, the stories of redemption, and the babies who are born because of the ministry.

Each Fall, AWC holds its largest fund-raiser of the year. Ryan is a Board Member, so he and I are fixin’ to raise $1,000 by this weekend. This Fall, we’re all raising money with the hopes of funding STD Testing. In a college town, this particular service would meet a practical need and reach hundreds of young men and women with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Thanks in advance for your care. 🙂