Story of the World: Volume 1, Chapter 1

LauraEarly Elementary Education

Ancient Civilizations, here we come!

This year is going to be so much fun!

We enjoyed our first chapter of Story of the World. We’re reading the book and enjoying the Activity Book. I decided that since Vivienne will be doing narration and composition with her Writing curriculum, we’d hold off on making the history notebook until we cycle back around in fourth grade. Instead, we’re using the Evan-Moor history pockets for Ancient Civilizations, which are just perfect for her level. History pockets have all of the same artsy, hands-on aspects of lapbooks without all of the labor on mom’s part. Needless to say, I love ’em.

The library books that we enjoyed were:

My Family Tree

The Magic Schoolbus Shows & Tells About Archaelogy

Archaeologists Dig for Clues (This one’s great!)

I Can Be an Archaeologist

The highlight of the week was our Archaeological Dig. I planted several items in the dirt (shh! the girls don’t know this) so that we could map out a dig and make some educated guesses about the civilization that left the artifacts behind. I buried a whole bunch of things that would indicate important aspects of our lives: a cross (I wanted something to show that we worship Jesus), the sea shell (I wanted some evidence that we could travel very far and return), money, building supplies that evidenced advanced machines, a ribbon and a bead that showed our love for beauty, a flower pot that evidenced our ability to harvest plants… The girls took it very, very seriously. It was awesome.