Summer Center: Bugs

I set up a little table in the dining room that would inspire the girls to read, write, draw, and create in a laid-back way. A few weeks ago, it was flower themed. I forgot to take pictures of it. But, you’ll get the idea from this week’s Bug Theme. It’s not scientific as much as it’s just fun. Of course, they’ve been spending the most time using the push-pins as “poison-extractors” for the squishy little bugs. Viv could play “bug dissection” all day long, but I finally heard Lia speak up for herself, “I don’t want to play bug-dissecting anymore!” (Oh, the things you never expect your children will have to say…)







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4 responses to “Summer Center: Bugs”

  1. grandmomruthie Avatar

    How neat is that! By the way I love the little table on the last picture!

  2. Anna Avatar

    What a great idea! (Which is pretty much my response to most of your posts, but it still applies. 🙂

    On another note, I love the fabric on that chair.

  3. Shari Avatar

    LOVE this!! What a fun and fabulous idea!!!

    My 5 year old is getting antsy this summer since we haven’t really been working on anything. I am positive she will LOVE this!! Now… to find some bugs…..


  4. julie Avatar

    I love it! Just so they don’t get too refined with the tea parties, they disect bugs! Well rounded ladies for sure

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