Summer Center: The Beach

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Since we won’t be able to go to the ocean this year, I decided to bring it to us.

Here are some of the activities on our shelves:

This Sand- Scene Play-doh Center is their absolute favorite.

(Just whip up some plain play-doh, provide a bowl of little shells and stones, give each child one or two drink umbrellas, and wa-lah! Hours of fun!)

Lia has been enjoying this transfer activity. The blue beads are irresistible!

An Ice-Cream Shop

Sea shell, driftwood, and rock discovery tray.

(One of these days we’ll sort, identify, and label them using a sea shell book…)

Our favorite beach books: Beach Day and A Day at the Beach.

Towel folding.

(I’m pretty sure this is a lame activity, but I didn’t have much time to find out because, no sooner had I set it on the shelf than we needed it for a trip to the pool.)

Ocean stencils.