Surprises for Ryan

On Monday night, I nursed Lia, ate half of my dinner, and ran out the door to the Pier1 75% off Spring Sweep sale. Of course, both Ryan and I were envisioning me securing a couple of top-dollar items for mere pennies, satisfying my decorating bug, and enjoying a couple of minutes out.

I breathlessly entered the store to find that the advertised 75% items are pastel easter egg trees, 3-foot tall wire yard-bunnies, and wooden whistles.

Even at a steal, you won’t find me buying an egg tree. But since I was there, I decided to take a little walk around the store and found some fun splashes of color.

Sure, Ryan was initially disappointed that I didn’t have a fabulous receipt to rattle off, but he finally admitted to liking our new place-mats and napkins. Oh, and, despite originally calling it a “French potty urn” (what’s that, anyway??), Ryan also admitted that the fabulous Italian pitcher that caught my eye and was on sale is as fabulous as I thought.








One response to “Surprises for Ryan”

  1. Jan Avatar

    well shoot, I’d LOVE an egg tree, was it a white wire one? I am glad Ryan was finally won over by your fabulous purchases, those napkins are CUTE! I can picture one in a bread basket with the pretty border… Glad you had a little time to yourself!

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