Survival Skills 101: Find the Water Knob

So, add this to January’s list of skills to tackle: find the main water valve to your house. And you can check this off in a jiffy.

A few days ago, Ryan showed me that ours is in the basement by the water softener. He asked why I wanted to know. Sure enough, a few days later, a very close friend (ahem, you know who you are!) told us about waking up to burst bathroom pipes that spewed water all over the floor and required all of her towels to clean it up. Now that’s a good “why” if I ever heard one! If you live in an apartment or rented home, pester your landlord until you know what you should do in case of an emergency.

Read more about finding your water and gas valves here and here.






One response to “Survival Skills 101: Find the Water Knob”

  1. erin elizabeth Avatar
    erin elizabeth

    WOW! so for the past week my toilet has been over flowing….and then today when I used Katie’s her started to overflow ( soaked the whole floor…and all her dirty clothes were on the floor….they got soaked!!!)…and all the sinks in our apartment are backed up!

    Thank goodness today is the day I like to clean and do laundry!

    Tonight our friend Dan is coming to our rescue.

    I am gona make sure I find that water valve!

    Thanks for the TIP!

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