Survival Skills 101: Preparing Kids for Anything

LauraAll Posts, Kindergarten

While I was  researching some ideas to compliment our tornado-watching-Wizard-of-Oz-reading, I came across FEMA’s site for Kids. It’s not the most impressive site in the world, but it provides a handful of helpful resources, like this downloadable coloring book and a page of games.

Through this site, I discovered Ready Kids and Sesame Street’s “Let’s Get Ready” episodes and downloads. Fantastic! I love the positive, upbeat way these resources help kids  – and parents – think about preparation.

Of course, along the same lines, Viv loved listening to this precious 911 call from a 5-year old girl who saved her father’s life by remaining calm and obedient. A great way to brush up on that important 3-digit number. You’ll love it, too!