Contrary to popular belief (er, my popular belief), SWAK is not an onomatopoeia! All these years, I saw “SWAK” in the Peanuts comic strips and thought “that’s the sound of Snoopy’s kiss”.

I’m alarmed to find out that SWAK is actually an acronym. (Shoot, and all this time I’ve been trying to make my kisses sound like that. No wonder it wasn’t working for me… The worst part is that, in writing this post, I discovered Snoopy’s kiss was “SMAK” all along. See? We have to read carefully. Very carefully.)

Anyway, I know you came here to find out the real answer, so I’ll get right to it. But first, to build the suspense, I’ll tell you what SWAK does not stand for:

It does not mean, as many pack-rat environmentalists believe,

Stash Water-bottles Around Kitchen

Nor does it mean, as many apologetic knife-throwing super-heroes say,

Sorry, Wild Activity Knives

It doesn’t even stand for the recently popular line of adventure boats,

Something Will Appear Kayaks

Actually, as Jan has correctly guessed, SWAK means

Sealed With A Kiss.

So, as reward for her entry and efforts, Jan wins a virtual SWAK!

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