Sweet Science

Target has massive bags of candy on sale for $1.50.

I don’t mean to be bossy, but buy one.

Choose the bag with Nerds, BottleCaps, and SweetTarts.

At home, set up mortar and pestle, pipettes, spoons, tiny bowls, sieves.

Fill three little bowls: water, baking soda, and vinegar.

Let your children mix, dissolve, filter, and fizzle.

Though my camera battery was dead at the best moment when the kitchen table looked like a full-fledged laboratory, the girls spent an hour and a half completely enthralled with… read the rest at Raising Homemakers!




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    AMy Felten

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    Amy Felten

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    Amy Felten

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  4. Rachel (Dandelions.. Avatar

    If you have some time can you email me. I will be teaching 1st grade and preschool in 6months or so. I notice that is what you are doing. Can you share with me a little bit about how that is going and what you have learned. My daughter is in Kindergarten right now, but we will be pulling her out for first grade. I am a little nervouse and yet excited!
    Thanks so much!

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