Tea for Three

Vivienne and her two girl friends enjoyed a tea party, a dance party, and a piano recital in one morning’s time.  I love that Vivienne is learning how to prepare a beautiful setting for her guests, welcome them into our home, and make sure they have all the “cream and sugar” they need.  I also love that for half an hour, the little girls sat at the table and busily mixed their tea, nibbled their cookies (gluten-free!), and passed the sugar.  It was a beautiful “little girl” kinda day.

dscf2956.jpg             dscf2963.jpg






One response to “Tea for Three”

  1. Jan Avatar

    Wow – Vivienne’s already ahead of me! When I have guests over they get offered soda, and I secretly hope they’ll just want to drink it from the can so I don’t have to bother with ice cubes and a glass – what a little hostess! Her tea table looks darling, as do all the lovely ladies around it. What a fun play date!

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