teach ’em how to get home

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Vivienne quickly learned her full name, address, and phone number through playing “Doctor’s Office.”  When “the patient” (played by Vivienne herself) comes into the office, “the nurse” (played by me) uses a notebook to record all of her information in “her file.”  Then as I check her heart, lungs, throat, eyes, and nose, I sketch each body part and write my “professional assessment” next to it.  Viv could play this for hours and loves giving me all of the information as she anticipates having her “broken leg” wrapped up in a bandage or taking a dose of vitamin C for her “nasty cough.”

We also made an “All About Vivienne” book with pictures of our family, home, etc.  One of the pages reads “This is our house.  Our address is…” Another page reads “My phone number is…” After reading that book a couple of times, she could recite the pages herself!

And, of course, it always helps to fit any address or phone number into a little jingle!