Teach Your Child the Kindness of “going first” and “going last”


Imagine you’re at a campfire and you’ve just hollered the words, “S’mores Time!” You’re the one holding the bag of marshmallows.


Suddenly, you are surrounded by a bunch of awesome, smiling kiddos, hopping up and down, reaching their little hands toward you in hopes of receiving one or two perfectly poufy sugar pillows.

You’re handing out the marshmallows as quickly as you can, but this crowd is intense! They want their marshmallows. And they want them now!

Then, one kid smiles, steps back, and says, “I can go last.”

Imagine time stands still because you are so WOW-ed by this kid’s big move.

You take it to heart. (And you talk about it with your own kids for years and years down the road until that kid becomes as legendary as Odysseus.)

That night at the campfire impacted me so deeply because I realized that I could teach my kids the superpower kindness of going last and going first. I wanted my kids to know that they, too, could “go last” or “go first” as a way of loving their neighbor as themselves.

There’s more to the story!

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