Teachable Tuesday: Teenie Tiny Tot Trays

Lia has recently become an official TOT!

So, we’ve begun doing three Tot Trays together each day. I find that this is a fantastic way for me to take time just for her. Here are some of the trays that she loves right now. Perhaps your favorite Tiny Tot would enjoy similar activities.

Matching colors!


Lia’s favorite tot tray is in the middle: carefully putting puff balls into a spice container and shaking them out again!


Putting colorful wooden blocks into cardboard boxes; shaking the box; emptying the box onto the tray.


Vivienne made this Search Tray out of rice and plastic letters; Lia enjoyed digging her hands into the rice; I, erm, enjoyed vacuuming it all up afterward.


Hold up one animal; name it; sound it; ask your tot to find the animal’s photo!


Pulling her sweet birthday cards out of envelopes, opening the cards, feeling the furry sheep and Corduroy’s soft green pants, and, eventually, putting them back into the envelopes!

Enjoying these simple exchanges with Lia is an invaluable way to develop my relationship with her!

Teachable Tuesday is designed to share teaching ideas that specifically connect a child’s heart with God’s. What are you teaching this week?







2 responses to “Teachable Tuesday: Teenie Tiny Tot Trays”

  1. Sarah Hoover Avatar

    These are GREAT ideas – where do you get them all from? Love the puff balls with the spice jar!

  2. Sheryl Avatar

    It’s been awhile since I’ve visited so I just wanted to say hi and I love the new look of your page. How fun to see that you’re posting for Totally Tots. I really enjoy Carisa’s 1+1+1=1 and now this new site. I can’t believe your baby is so big already! 🙂

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