What Teenagers Love about “Home”



Recently, I attended a bridal shower where the guests were asked to share what came to mind when they heard the word, “home”.  I took notes since much of my life is invested in creating our home: what are the things that remain meaningful over the years? How should I be investing my time and energy?

The smattering of responses was touching – two little girls said, “the crabapple tree in our front yard,” the older women said, “the best of memories”, and “familiarity”, “conversation”, and “warmth”. The bride said, “Open windows in the summer and candles in the winter”. The bride’s mother said, “the peaceful music of Fernando Ortega”.

Of all the responses, the ones that caught my attention came from the teenage girls who sat along the window seat, basked beautifully in sunlight. Each of them answered “snuggling up on the couch…” Some of them added “with a good book”, others added “with my mom”, others were content “with a blanket and a movie”.


In the midst of profound changes, emotion, and confusion, teenagers need the dependability of a simple place to rest comfortably, to read, talk, think, and relax.

And they still love to be snuggled.

Isn’t that so wonderful to hear?

I made a mental note about the profound importance of providing our children with a couch… and plenty of time and luxury to snuggle on it.