Thanks! You’re Voting For Me!

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I can’t tell you how amazed I am by all of the different people coming by to vote for this blog! You are all doing amazing work! Heather, Tara, Erin, Lisa, Sarah, Aunt Linda and Uncle Alan… all emailing, making calls (!) and telling all kinds of people about this little corner of the universe. (Did you know that someone voted for me from Hawaii and Rwanda?!)

Could I ever thank you for all of your hard-work and care? I mean, honestly, this is technically a *little* concern in the scope of the universe, but you’ve all jumped in, rolled up your sleeves, and showed me so much support. Thank you. And to all of my new friends, “Hello!”

Of course, you’re all welcomed back – even after midnight!

In the coming weeks, you can look forward to: a funny-bone post about unsuccessful Christmas gifts, ideas about how we can cherish God in our holiday celebrations, more charming Viviations, short Story Time movie clips for you to play for your little ones while you get dinner ready, a devotional “Motivate Me Monday” with Sarah Mae, and an all-new “Tuesday’s Teacher” meme in which we can all link up with mouth-watering teaching ideas.

See you soon.