Thanksgiving Tree

Every evening during our dinner-time prayer, we each have thanked God for something specific from the day. Lia usually gets out a prompted, “Thank you, God!” and Vivienne interprets Lia’s gratitude for her. Hence the leaves that say, “Cups” “Napkins” and “Mashed Potatoes”.  So, as you can see, I write each piece of gratitude on a leaf and we hang it on our Thanksgiving Tree, which is truly gargantuan compared to the size of our table and, well, our house in general. (In fact, one guest sat at our table and looked like the Thanksgiving Tree might attack her. Which, of course, is decidedly not its purpose.) But, I choose to think about it this way: may our gratitude be as vast!

This has been a precious addition to our Thanksgiving celebration.



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One response to “Thanksgiving Tree”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    What a cute idea!

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