The Ember: The “Before” Picture

Before embarking on this journey, I think it’s important for me to take stock of what’s what.

Here’s where things stand today:

* When I was a child, this gift began glowing inside of me. I’d line my dolls up and teach them Bible stories and sweet songs about Jesus. They flopped over a lot, but I gently propped them back up and kept right on with the lesson. I loved Jesus. I loved teaching about Him.

* During my twenties, I began studying the Bible passionately, devouring one Bible study after another. I worked my colored pencils down to nubbins during inductive Bible Studies; I poured my heart out to small groups of women during Kathleen Nielson, Beth Moore, Henry Blackaby, and Barbara Mouser studies; I watched instructional DVDs, became a card-carrying member of Westminster Seminary library, and mostly-completed a Certificate in Women’s Counseling. I love studying Scripture.

* Now I’m 35 and I’ve spoken at a handful of events – some small, some large – sharing aspects of my testimony or teaching from passages of Scripture. A few years ago, I started teaching a monthly Bible Study in our town. We meet in a small church library that’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, but everyone listens respectfully and no one rarely flops over.

* I’ve offered to speak at events now and then, but I mostly stay busy at home and hope that God will use His big heavenly megaphone to tell people, “Ask Laura Booz to speak at your next gathering!” I figure, if folks come pounding down my door, then I’ll know God wants me to step out and use my gifts. As long as no one’s been pounding down my door, I’m tucked safely inside. But, I can’t seem to pretend there’s no ember burning in my chest…

I  love speaking publicly and teaching the Bible, but I’m scared to death of messing everything up. 


Would you share your “before” picture? Are there any spiritual gifts that you’ve tucked away, afraid to fan into flame?






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