The Big 33

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For Ryan’s birthday last night, Ashley watched Vivienne and Lia while Ryan and I enjoyed a Genovese pizza over at Facia Luna. After pizza, we headed over to the pool where I handed Ryan his big present and told him to close his eyes as I lead him up to the gate where our musician friend, Ed, was waiting on the other side. (Why at the pool? Because Ed’s adorable 13-year old son was doing his boyscout star boards there.) When he opened his eyes and saw Ed, Ryan must’ve known right away what was in his big box… since, for years, he has envied Ed’s mandolin-playing skills. After opening his present, Ryan received his first speed lesson from Ed. When the lifeguards authoritatively swung their whistles around to close the pool, Ryan and I headed over to our friends’, Chris and Colette’s, place. There, we prayed for and blessed the 33-year old mandolin-wielding stud. When we returned home with a DQ ice cream cake, we sang “Happy Birthday,” tucked the little girls in bed, and played a rousing game of Dutch Blitz with Ashley and Meagan (her BFF). Happy Birthday, Ryan!