The Big Family Book Party: June 2017

June has been a fun month full of birthday parties, picnics, swimming lessons, afternoons at the pool, women’s ministry planning, homeschool planning, and project-tackling. That means that I *almost* forgot to do a Big Family Book Party for June! My daughter reminded me about it and I am determined to “publish”this post before the month turns into July. The kids all rallied around me for the photo shoot.

This month, we are recommending our favorite activity-themed books.

For the ballerina…

Viv spends hours with this beautiful book. Ballet Spectacular: a young ballet lover’s guide and an insight into a magical world features rich photos, history, and information about the Royal Ballet. Viv has learned about the history of ballet, creating a ballet, life in a ballet company, ballet school, and famous ballets. It’s a visual delight with plenty of interesting information.  

For the baby…

Josiah loves a lift-the-flap book. Where is Baby’s Bellybutton by Karen Katz is a current go-to.

For the big girl…

Audrey recommends this adorable quiet book, My Big Day. Brush your teeth, get dressed, put some socks in a washing machine, tie your shoes, take the dog for a walk… learn fine-motor skills with some simple everyday activities. This book is beautifully made and very sturdy.

For the LEGO lover…

We scored the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary at our local used book sale (minifigure included!) and Malachi has studied it from cover-to-cover. Because it would never keep my own attention, I almost overlooked it, but my boy loves it. He couldn’t wait to tell you about it. If he studies his Bible, history, and science lessons like he has studied this book, he’ll do well in life.

For the chess novice…

My kids used The Kids’ Book of Chess to teach themselves how to play. The book explains the game in the context of a story with characters, motives, strategy, and everything. Easy as that. Lia spent hours setting up the board to replicate the examples in the book and playing against herself. Then, they all got in on the fun and had a tournament of sorts.

For women…

As for me? Well, I’ve had my nose in a stack of Women’s Ministry books because we are working on that in our church. I highly recommend Women’s Ministry in the Local Church by Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt. It gets right to the heart of why women’s ministry is important and what it should be all about. I was borrowing a copy from a friend but was secretly happy when our daughter spilled water on it. This forced me to buy a new copy for my friend and feel free to underline all of the important passages in my own copy. 🙂

For men…

Although Ryan hasn’t had his nose in a book lately, he has been listening to Freakonomics (a “podacst that explores the hidden side of everything”) episodes during his commute. He comes home with the most interesting tidbits about carseats, stock markets, and lawn care.

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2 responses to “The Big Family Book Party: June 2017”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    I’m glad your daughter reminded you to post your book party blog for June! As always, it was fun to get a glimpse at what someone else’s family is reading!

    1. Laura Avatar

      Thanks for joining us here, Jamie. You are so encouraging to me. 🙂

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