The Chicken Principle (Part 3 of 3)

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Remember The Chicken Principle? It’s based on the reality that a chicken’s whole life is wrapped up around laying eggs. Each of us is created with special work to do; we are happiest when we do it. Once I discovered that teaching is usually the thing for me, I was able to understand why I seem to be so different from other people. Chickens don’t just lay eggs – they eat, walk around, sleep, roost, socialize, explore, etc. It’s just that they do all of those things so that they can lay eggs. Could be us.

Really! We could discover the theme of our existence – the work God has given specifically to us – and realize that everything we do has the potential to strengthen that work. This means that we will participate in many of the same activities, but look very different from one another because we are doing them for different purposes. Do you see where I’m heading here?

Think about how different we all look online. We’re all blogging or facebooking or emailing, but we each operate so uniquely. It’s because we’re all here for different reasons. I’m here because I am bursting with lessons; blogging is a fantastic way for me to share those lessons. I’m also here because I’m a homeschooling mother; blogging is a way for me to be a part of a community of homeschoolers. I can’t compare myself with someone who is online because she’s an encourager. I can’t compare myself with the genius who programs. Or designs. Or crafts. Or cooks. Everyone is opperating within their Chicken Principle and we are simply using Social Media as a means to that activity. Of course, the ones who blow us all away here are the ones whose Chicken Principle is actually blogging or html or poetry. I’m happy for them (and so inspired), but I’m not them, so I’ve just got to realize that I’ll look different in this space.

Once you know your Chicken Principle, feel the freedom to craft the things in your life around that gift. What do you think?