The Dodge Charger

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I was stopped at an intersection when the driver behind me began honking impatiently.

“Okay, Buddy,” I thought to myself. “Just take it easy. I’m doing my best.”

I turned left. The driver turned left.

No sooner had I started driving down the road than I heard the driver revving his engine. He peeled out beside me, putting pedal to the metal as he left me in the dust. As I watched his car disappear down the country road, smoke pouring out of his exhaust pipe, I thought that was the end of my driving adventures for one day.

But as I pulled up to the next traffic light, I couldn’t have been more surprised by what I came across. 

Hear the dramatic end to this story in the latest episode of the Expect Something Beautiful podcast.

You’ll hear what I witnessed that day and why it reminded her of an even more incredible scene from Scripture.

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