The Fruit of Over-coming

What gave us the advantage in our race against nature to the next red, ripe strawberry?

Was it the netting, the slug traps, or the spooky owl that we set in the garden?

Who cares! We won!

This is my portion of our first-fruits.







4 responses to “The Fruit of Over-coming”

  1. HomeschoolontheCroft Avatar

    Woohoo! This is my first year of growing strawberries so I’ll be delighted if we actually ever get to eat any!
    Hope you savoured every drop of it!

  2. Heathahlee Avatar

    Even as small as it is, such a HUGE victory! : )

  3. Mindi Avatar

    Have you read the book the The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry & the Hungry Bear, by Audrey Wood? My son LOVED that book. Read your post and couldn’t stop thinking about the story.

  4. Laura Avatar

    Mindi – YES! We LOVE that book. Honestly, it’s one of my very, very favorite board books. So glad to be in good company. 🙂

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