The Funny Side of Things

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Of course, being so open about Juliette’s death and burying her on the farm has sparked some humorous moments, too.

Like when Vivienne’s friend said, “Vivienne said that the baby is buried over there, but I can’t see her.”

To which, I gently replied, “Oh honey, that’s because we buried her under the ground.”

To which she insisted, “I know, but I can’t see her!”

To which I gently replied, “Well, you can’t see her because we covered the coffin with dirt and put the grass back on top.”

To which she replied, “I know that! But I dug and dug and still didn’t find her!!”

(Don’t worry; she didn’t really dig the grave site up. Maybe she was digging under a flower or something; I’m not sure. But it made me chuckle and that was a gift in and of itself.)


Another funny moment occurred when we sat at the breakfast table and I was talking fondly about my three girls. Vivienne candidly said, “Yup: two girls are here at the table, and the other one,” she added, jerking her chin in the direction of the window, “is down at the pond.”