“The Greatest Bug Show On Earth”

This morning, we meandered over to the PSU Ag. Arena for The Great Insect Fair. Vivienne had quite the buzzing time petting a millipede, holding a walking stick, having a butterfly-ed cheek, decorating a grasshopper-head on a stick (naturally), dancing to some live music about bugs, and enjoying some “bug” ice cream. If we had been more adventurous, you would see pictures of us sampling the chocolate-covered cockroaches and the mealy worm egg rolls (a bug-enthusiast’s haven). In more than one way, this event perfectly correlated with the Scripture that Vivienne and I memorized this week: “These all wait for you, that you may give them their food in due season.” Psalm 104:27.

dscf2883.jpg              dscf2895.jpg            dscf2901.jpg            dscf2905.jpg             dscf2912.jpg






5 responses to ““The Greatest Bug Show On Earth””

  1. Grandmom Avatar

    What beautiful pictures! Vivienne looks so much like her mommy in the picture of her coloring…probably…a bug! Is that something crawling up her face in the picture with Daddy?

  2. admin Avatar

    The “bug” on her face is her painted butterfly! 🙂 I added the link to the picture so you can click on it and see it up close.

  3. Julie Avatar

    I love the pictures too! The one of you, Laura is stunning! You are absolutely glowing and beautiful and that sweater is really a great color for you.

    Vivi and Ryan are adorable as well, of course! Her expression in the first picture reminds me of Ali in some way…

  4. Jan Avatar

    I will echo Julie – you look AMAZING – radiant!

  5. Brandie Avatar

    seriously viv is the cutest little girl ever! PRECIOUS

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